DSCN6296_webJessica is an artist whose practice is grounded in craftivism (combining the genres of craft, art and activism) and community engagement.  Jessica primarily works as a textile artist and emerging fashion and accessory designer.  She is the coordinator of Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective, a fibre arts collective which creates large scale community based art projects through the medium of yarn bombing.  Her latest project with Yarn Bomb Yukon was coordinating the Knitting for History: Yarn Bombing the DC-3 project, which became Canada’s largest yarn bomb.  Her previous large scale community engagement projects have been Dear Diary Series,  Surface Tension and Emotional Baggage.

She is an active member in the fibre arts community, serving as Vice President of the Northern Fibres Guild.  Her passion for fibre arts education and appreciation can be seen in her art practice, exhibitions and organization of local craft nights.  She has experienced a wide variety of art exhibits, conferences, workshops, and public lectures at modern and contemporary art spaces throughout Canada and Europe. As well as exhibiting her artwork and design in Canada (Whitehorse, Hamilton, and Toronto) and the United Kingdom (Leeds).